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Posted by wotos on 2012/02/23


Motherboard Component
1 ATX Power Connector
2 CPU Socket. A478-pin surface mount, Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket for the Intel®Pentium® 4 Processor,
with 533/400 MHz system bus that allows 4.2GB/s, and 3.2GB/s data transfer rates, respectively
3 North Bridge controller. The VIA®VT8751A provides the processor with 533/400 MHz frequency, system
memory interface at 266MHz operation, and 1.5 AGP interface that supports AGP 2.0 specification
including 4X Fast write protocol
4 DDR DIMM sockets. These two 184-pin DIMM sockets support up to 2GB system memory using unbuffered
non-ECC PC2100/PC 1600 DDR DIMMs
5 IDE Connectors. Dual-channel bus master support Ultra DMA 133/100/66/33, PIO modes 3& 4 IDE Devices
6 AGP 4X slot. Supports 1.5V AGP 4X mode graphics cards for 3D graphical applications.
7 South bridge controller
8 Floppy disk connector
9 Standby power LED
10 Audio Codec. The Realtek ALC655 is an AC’97 CODEC that allows 6-channel audio playback
11 Super I/O Controller. Support for 1 360K/720K/1.44M/2.88M floopy disk drive
12 PCI slots.
13 Flash ROM
14 PS/2 mouse port
15 Parallel Port
16 RJ-45 Port
17 Line in Jack
18 Line Out Jack
19 Microphone Jack
20 USB 2.0 port 1 and 2
21 Video Graphics Adapter port
22 Serial port
23 USB 2.0 port 3 and 4
24 PS/2 keyboard Port

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